RALA – Connecting Radiology Leaders and Teams A shared community for Radiology Leaders and team members to come together and share knowledge, experience and innovations – building holistic, patient-focussed workplace cultures – together. Why RALA RALA connects members of the Radiology workforce, complementing existing technical and competency-based resources and associations to provide something different: a ‘one-stop-shop’ of education packages, peer mentoring, Leadership development and career planning and, connections – with a focus on building upon the behavioural foundations relevant throughout all levels of our industry.

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How Can RALA Help You?

At RALA, we leverage the combined experience of our Advisors and Members to support Radiology Leaders and teams as they build workplace cultures that maximise personal and professional excellence – we help you grow your Radiology career in an inclusive and supportive community.

6 Essential Ingredients Needed to Grow Your Radiology Career

Create meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships

Grow your skills, learning from industry leaders

Advance your career with world class guidance and planning

Build personal & professional trust to grow your potential

Expand opportunities by aligning with like-minded professionals

Find a Mentor | Be a Mentor | Serve the Community

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 At RALA, we are committed to your results.

Our goal is to provide you access to the tools, resources and community you need.

Everything you learn as a RALA member can be applied immediately within your clinic and life to drastically transform the trajectory of your personal and professional goals.

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Levels Of Membership

Members Of RALA (Level I)

Our foundational membership level designed for any new or experienced Radiology Team Member, just like you! With access to comprehensive Radiology specific education resources and peer networks, our members create meaningful, mutually beneficial Industry relationships.

Nothing fuels growth faster than connecting with the right people!

Level Up – Clinic Leadership (Level II)

Our proven Industry Leaders will guide you through your career plan and goals. Suitable for emerging, new and established Clinic Leaders committed to developing interpersonal and professional Leadership skills.

Change the trajectory of your Radiology career as you elevate your personal and professional excellence.

The Organisational Leader (Level III)

Our Level III membership is designed to support emerging and existing Leaders and Managers who are responsible for leading large teams, operations and business outcomes.

Our Advisors are dedicated to your personal excellence, guiding you as you build personal and professional confidence and maximise your potential.

The Conscious Leader (Level IV)

Our Level IV membership program offers the highest standard of coaching, support, mentoring and resources available.

To ensure each Level IV Member is fully supported in our program, Memberships are limited and confirmed by Application Interview.

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